Get To Know Our Newest Faculty & Staff


Ms. Kate Kowalski
Grade 4 Teacher

Ms. Emma Swords
Elementary Music Teacher

Ms. Melanie White
Middle School Drama Teacher

Ms. Deanne Nielson
Grade 9 & 10 Science, DP Biology 11 & 12

Ms. Lana Lautamus
Middle School Humanities Teacher

Ms. Ashley Carlbeck
Grade 6 Math and Science Teacher

Ms. Cara Koehler
Grade 5 Teacher

Ms. Trisha Macatangay
Middle School Societies & Literature Teacher

Ms. Isabel Pava
High School French Teacher

Ms. Emily Gish
Elementary & High School French Teacher

Ms. Melissa Versteeg
PHE Grade 2, Music Junior Kindergarten to Grade 1

Ms. Samira Seidu
Student Records

Mr. Exer Abaga

Ms. Nicole Chiu
Alumni Communications and Content Strategist

Ms. Rosie Cheng
Admissions Coordinator