Grade 10
Personal Projects

2020/21 Capstone Project

The personal project encourages students to practice and strengthen their approaches to learning (ATL) skills, to consolidate prior and subject-specific learning, and to develop an area of personal interest. The personal project provides an excellent opportunity for students to produce a truly personal and often creative product/outcome and to demonstrate a consolidation of their learning in the MYP.

Explore the Grade 10 personal projects below by clicking on the "+" next to the student's name. Each student has an explanation of their project, audio introduction, and link to a video overview.

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I actually want to try and synthesize the protein in real life; I want to make it. That would involve bacteria cultures, genetic technology… I was planning on starting it over spring break. I don’t know how pleased my parents will be with bacterial cultures in the house [laughs] but as long as I can keep them away from my younger siblings, right?