A Farewell to Wasabi, Meadowridge’s Resident PADS Dog

“One of the things I respect the most about the PADS Organization is that they honour each individual’s dog’s skills and interests to ensure that they have a fulfilling and happy future,” Ms. Michelle Vally, Wasabi’s PADS Handler, shares.

And for Wasabi, that future is somewhere other than the PADS Program: “Wasabi has communicated clearly that he is not interested in working by showing us that he is very uncomfortable in public spaces and around a lot of noise,” Ms. Vally explains.

Ms. Vally and the PADS team have listened to Wasabi and have decided to let him hang up his vest and enter retirement with a career change: family pet! The story has even greater, good news: Ms. Vally will be adopting Wasabi. Be sure to say to goodbye to Wasabi, whose last day at Meadowridge next Monday.