A Sunny, Sandy Start to the New School Year: PYP House Picnic


The PYP House Picnic is an annual tradition at our school, building students’ sense of belonging and spirit.

This year’s picnic kicked off with students practicing and presenting their house cheers. The groups’ sounds and spirit-filled cheers echoed across the calm, tree-lined lake and set the tone for the fun to come. Filled with house challenges such as relays and games, the friendly competition is part of the fun, but it’s the friendships formed that are enduring.

Another highlight of the day was the sandcastle building. This unstructured playtime lets students gather and connect with peers of all ages. The care and pride in each of their creations is clear, (see the photos below!) and demonstrates students’ teamwork, collaboration, and community-building.


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Much of the day’s success was because of our Grade 5 Leaders. The picnic is one of their first opportunities to step up as a leader at Meadowridge, and students always rise to the challenge. The Leaders lead the house cheers with abounding enthusiasm, coordinate games and activities with direction and encouragement, and create an inclusive environment for all while building sandcastles. These Leaders model what it means to be a part of the Meadowridge community and set the tone for the year ahead.

For all students, both new and returning, the Whonnock Lake Picnic is about discovering who we are, where we belong, and how we can live well together.