Appropriate Kiss N' Go Use

With darker mornings and evenings, and with the relentless rain, we have been experiencing more issues and problems in our parking lot and neighbouring streets. We have heard from our neighbours, who are reporting drivers speeding down the side streets, and from our own school community about inconsiderate drivers, honking cars, and verbal confrontations right here in our parking lot.

Here are a few reminders about appropriate use of the Kiss N’ Go:

  • The Kiss N’ Go area is designed for a quick stop (1-2 minutes) during the day. If parents need extra time to get children ready, finished eating or backpacks packed, we ask that you go to the parking area. The Kiss N’ Go is not the place to do that.
  • The Kiss N’ Go will open at 3:10pm each day. If you are lined up in the laneway, you can proceed to wait in the Kiss N’ Go at 3:10pm. If you know that your child will be late from dismissal, please wait in the parking lot.
  • Though we will not be placing cones out each day anymore, the same procedures still apply. At times, some drivers do not abide by the protocols, and you may see a car parked in the Kiss N’ Go. This does not mean it is okay for you to park there.
  • We will be monitoring the Kiss N’ Go area frequently. If you are parked there for more than 1-2 minutes before 3:10pm, you will be asked to move your vehicle. Please respect our maintenance staff if they move you on.
  • Please be considerate of other drivers and, most importantly, be positive role models for our students. They are always watching what adults are doing.