Black Shirt Day | January 15

As part of our ongoing education for social justice, we are inviting all students and staff to wear a black shirt in support of Black Shirt Day, Friday January 15th.

Black Shirt Day is an initiative of the Anti-Racism Coalition of Vancouver in recognition of the ongoing struggle for civil rights by Black and racialized Canadians. The date commemorates the birthday of American civil rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Senior Council will be showing a video of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr during high school lunch and inviting students to a discussion of equality, equity, and justice. Participation in tomorrow's non-uniform day is optional by coming out of uniform wearing a black t-shirt or sweater, (students will still be required to change for PHE classes) students may choose to wear their regular uniform.

This is part of a continuing effort as we build on our ongoing efforts to: re-examine our curriculum to ensure diverse perspectives, foster classroom learning that acknowledges bias and the legacy of systemic racism, use the many resources currently on display in the library, engage with guest speakers at assemblies and be conscious of the way we relate to each other here at school and in our larger community.