CAIS & IB Accreditation Success

From our Head of School, Mr. Scott Banack

As many of you are aware, the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) and International Baccalaureate (IBO) organizations both sent teams virtually to evaluate our school and validate our written self-studies. The teams consisted of 16 experienced educators, former Heads of School, and leaders from around the world and across Canada. They spent four days meeting staff, parents, students, alumni, teachers, administrators, and the Board of Governors. This visit is the culminating piece in a 18-month process of reflection on our school and will result in a formal report that highlights the many commendations and several recommendations the teams found.

At the conclusion of their visits, they shared their impressions and thoughts. I am thrilled that both teams were able to capture how wonderful our school is, highlighting the culture of care, strong sense of community, focus on relationships, and commitment to experiential and inquiry-based education. One of the team members very succinctly and eloquently described our school as ‘a reciprocal culture of caring, kindness, and trust’.

The self-study and accreditation process is a significant undertaking. I want to commend our leadership team for their guidance and tireless work to ensure the process went smoothly with minimal interruption to learning. Their efforts cannot be understated.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate the entire staff, faculty, and community for a very successful accreditation. The long list of commendations is a reflection of the collective efforts of our entire community and the recommendations from the report will help formulate our school goals and inform our next strategic plan. I will share more details from the reports when they are finalized in the spring. There is much to celebrate!