Thank You for Participating: CAIS At-Home Learning Survey

As most of you are aware, Meadowridge School participated in a nationally organized survey through the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) organization. We had over 70% participation and we want to thank all of you who participated and shared your thoughts. We are anticipating receiving national averages in the coming weeks.

While there was overwhelmingly positive support for the our at-home learning program with an average score of 4.3 on a 5-point scale, we have spent a great deal of time analyzing the many thoughtful suggestions. These conversations will continue as we fine-tune our program to be as flexible as possible to accommodate the wide range of needs of our community.

Our goals and guiding principles remain the same, as we focus our energy on:

1.  Maintaining strong connections and relationships with our community.

2.  Continuing to engage students in learning.

3.   Continuously monitor the health and well-being of our community.

These principles and much more information is available on our At-Home Learning website. Please visit to see the host of student life, library, athletic, and OE3 engagements as well as information on health and well-being.

Your input and contributions continue to be very important. It is our intention to maintain consistent levels of communication through the coming weeks and months, so I encourage you to share your thoughts directly with your child’s teachers or your divisional Principal.

Mr. Scott Banack
Deputy Head