Class of 2020 IB Results & Achievements

At Meadowridge School, we encourage our students to ‘live well with others and for others in a just community’. The achievements of our graduates represents their journeys and the incredible support from their parents and our staff that they have received throughout the PYP, MYP, and DP programmes.

Eight of our graduates are lifers, so have been with us for up to 14 years, while others joined us later, including two in Grade 11, Grad 2020 has been unforgettable! We are so proud of what they have achieved and how they have reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also how they defined themselves over previous years, and during their time as leaders of our school during the past nine months.

As always, our graduates are exemplary. Their achievements inspire us. For our school staff, the gift of spending time with these outstanding young people has been priceless, and we are all the more grateful for it in light of the pandemic. We thank them and their parents for sharing their time with us.

Academic Achievements   

Diploma & Course Results Our 13 IB Course students achieved results that showcase their strong academic abilities with an 88.5% average. We also had 31 students enrolled as Diploma candidates this year. Our Diploma students completed the IB Diploma, with an average total score was 32.4 points, which should be well above this year’s world average. When looking at the average subject area grade, our students earned a 5.1, which converts to over 90%. What incredible academic achievements by all of our graduates. These academic achievements continue our annual trend of scoring above the IB world average.

Language Results In addition, we encourage our students to earn their official qualification from the French, or Spanish governments by writing the Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF) or the Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) tests.

Extended Essays Further to this, some local and currently relevant Extended Essays they completed include:

  • To what extent does Golden Ears National Park show prominent examples of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism?
  • How do First Ladies use rhetorical strategies in their speeches to achieve their respective goals in American politics?
  • How is the novel "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" an allegory of the powerlessness of the individual in a society?
  • To what extent can public transportation be considered sustainable in the city of Vancouver?
  • How does the biological oxygen demand (BOD) of the Alouette River water change after the addition of different amounts of nitrogen-rich fertilizer (28-10-10) or phosphorus-rich fertilizer (15-30-15)?’

Co-Curricular Achievements   

When we look at the contributions these students have had, some highlights include their exceptional musical contributions both outside and inside of our school, exceptional athletes and fine artists and their amazing interest in STEAM subjects captured in their outstanding involvement in robotics.

CAS Activities and Projects Their outstanding CAS activities and projects which included: Running the SPCA fundraising dinner, a piano and cello duet playing monthly at local seniors homes, creating the inaugural Meadowridge Senior Swim Club and leading the team to the Provincial Championship, organizing an entire TEDxYouth Conference from beginning to end (over nine months of work!), leading the student Debate Club as they joined the Debate and Speech Association of British Columbia, planning an Immunization/vaccination Health Talk, and the Child Haven Fundraising Dinner that raised $33,000!

Duke of Edinburgh Award All students at Meadowridge are supported as they strive to attain the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This graduating class has, to date,  7 Gold, 32 Silver and 37 Bronze recipients of this prestigious award.

A Lasting Impact

Congratulations to the Meadowridge class of 2020. You will be remembered for your thoughtfulness, supportiveness, humility, gratefulness, compassion, and kindness. Your grad legacy gift of an international book collection in a variety of languages will allow our library to foster international mindedness will inspire fun and educational reading for years to come. We miss you and hope you return soon to share your exciting journeys with us soon.

Until then, as Dr Bonnie Henry says, “be kind, be calm and be safe”.

Catherine White
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator