Success! The Middle School Farmer's Market

What a day! What started off as a small idea grew into a magical afternoon. Every one of our middle school students rose to the challenge of running their stations with power, pizzazz, and pride. Everyone was surprised and awed by the support from our community. We had an amazing turnout from our student body to our faculty and staff, and of course, our biggest fans and supporters, our parents. Although we did not anticipate the amount of foot traffic we received, and many things were sold out by mid-afternoon, the energy and support remained high. Our middle school students worked throughout the year to prepare for this event and are already thinking of ways to improve upon it for next year. 

A giant thank you to Mr. Schofield, Mr. Willms, and Ms. Aharon for their time and energy in making this opportunity come to life. And an even bigger thank you to the parents who supported their children by providing supplies, extra hands, and encouragement to make each station shine. We are so proud of the efforts, the learning, and the success of the day.

See you next year for Meadowridge Market 2.0!