Grade 4 Students Speak at Rotary Club

Early this week, three Grade 4 students visited the Rotary Club of Meadow Ridge. Ineke Boekhurts, the Chair of the Starfish Backpack Committee invited students to come and present our donations to the Starfish Backpack Program to the Club.

Back in October, the Meadowridge Library hosted a very successful Scholastic Book Fair. The Library decided that the proceeds from the Book Fair would benefit the local Starfish Backpack Program. Our goal was to fund a backpack for a child for one year and donate 120 books. We were successful and were able to donate 124 new books and raise $1,157.25… enough funds to sponsor two backpacks! Our PYP students also created a multitude of artistic bookmarks to accompany the books.

Darsh A., Dominik B. and Enrique M. were chosen to represent their Grade 4 classmates. They spent a few lunch hours creating and practicing a caring and knowledgeable speech and delivered it to the club with great confidence. They spoke of the learning that they have be involved in through their Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are – where they inquired into ‘learning about how others live and work helps us to reflect on our rights and responsibilities’. The Grade 4s were able to add $575 to our donation after their F6 Fair last week (Grade 4 Fantastic Fabulous Fundraising Fun Fair) so that we could sponsor a third backpack for Starfish Backpacks. Please watch the video below to listen to the thoughtful speech.

Thank you to all the families who supported in raising funds during both the Scholastic Book Fair and the F6 Fair (Grade 4 Fantastic Fabulous Fundraising Fun Fair)!  Your participation was integral in making an amazing impact on this local organization. For more information, feel free to visit