Halloween Fun Night Raises Over $20,000 Over 25 Years


Halloween is just around the corner, but the dalliance with darkness began last week when a portal opened up in the Primary Years Wing, allowing paranormal forms to haunt the hallways and the very souls of the Grade 6 and 7 students who dared to enter within. It was a chilling encounter with the world beyond the veil, but friendship triumphed and all our intrepid explorers returned intact and exhilarated.

But portals do not open by themselves. It took a feat of great planning and cooperation to bring Halloween Fun Night back to life. On the year of its 25th anniversary, this event almost disappeared into obscurity before a valiant team of student organizers revived this rite of passage.

Grade 11 students Kayla M., Noah W., Simran D., and Jack D. did a fabulous job planning and organizing a party for 150 people, infusing it with playfulness, security, abundance and adventure. Anna F., Vivien Z., and our Grade 9 volunteers, meanwhile, brought the darkness to life and immersed us in a world of shifting boundaries and unimaginable possibilities. Our teachers, meanwhile, generously donated their time to make this event a joyful one.

The fundraiser is also designed to serve a higher purpose. While numbers are not all in, we are proud to announce that since 2002, when we first decided to support Covenant House with the profits from Fun Night, we finally exceeded the $20,000 mark for our total donations! Thank you for all your dedication, generosity, and kindness. You have done much to help uplift the homeless children in our local area.

Ms. Cindy Hops