Meadowridge's Response: Wildfire Smoke and Air Quality

This is a brief note to update everyone on the school response to wildfire smoke. We are prepared for this at our school. Our HVAC systems, which bring in outside air, are not only well maintained, but also use very high levels of filtering (MERV 13) which takes the particulate matter (anything bigger than a micron) out of the air. We have kept the windows closed and have also kept the children inside at recess and lunch, and modified PHE classes so that almost all are inside almost all of the time.  

Of course, we continue to encourage physical distancing, hand washing, and the wearing of masks in public areas, due to COVID. Fortunately, we have sufficient space to do so. We will continue to monitor all conditions which may arise; our intention is to make sure that all of our students get the healthiest environment possible.