Parking Lot and Traffic Safety

Traffic and parking continue to be a matter that we need to address and ask for your help in solving. Even our students are aware of the challenges. Last year, as part of a CAS project, Daphne L. (Grade 12) created a short educational video to guide drivers on the “rules of the road”. 

Watch the "Rules of the Road" video

In recent weeks, I have had several of our neighbours reach out to me with their concerns about drivers from our school. These concerns have largely been for those using 238B Street and Abernathy Way to access the school. This route has a bicycle pathway and two playgrounds with 30km/hr. speed zones. These neighbours have indicated that some drivers are driving much faster than that and are sometimes ignoring pedestrians and crosswalks. There are also reports of parking in front of people’s driveways and fire hydrants, doing U-turns in the middle of the street and blocking traffic by stopping in driving lanes. When asked what can be done, I have indicated that as with all driving-related issues, they should contact the RCMP. As a result, you may see increased patrolling and violation tickets.

Another concern is the Kiss N’ Go area on campus. We have an increasing number of vehicles arriving mid-afternoon and parking until 3:30pm. This area needs to be reserved for emergency and delivery vehicles throughout the day. After Thanksgiving, we will be asking you to park in the parking lot to wait for dismissal. The Kiss N’ Go will be coned off and open for parking at 3:10pm.

Again, I would ask for your cooperation in keeping all of us all safer. 

Terry Donaldson, Deputy Head of School