Scholarship Application Season Is Here! Reminders for the Class of 2020

Meadowridge School supports seven external, nomination-required scholarships; six of which are available to Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents and one to international students.

Together, these scholarships amount to over $300,000. To support our students, we host scholarship information sessions, write reference letters, review applications, provide feedback, and make nominations. Students are encouraged and supported not only to reduce the cost of attending post-secondary institutions, but also to celebrate their growth and achievement and be provided an opportunity to reflect. Many scholarship applications will help students in their university applications by having them organize information, obtain reference letters, and sharpen their essay writing skills.

We have had a few Meadowridge graduates honoured by these highly selective and competitive scholarships. In this context, earning a school nomination alone is a huge accomplishment. We wish the best for our Class of 2020 and for our scholarship applicants. Details about our external, nomination-required scholarships can be found here »