We're Eliminating Single-Use Beverage Containers: Here’s What You Need to Know

Hello, everyone! It’s Kyle from SAGE Dining, here to answer a few questions about beverages. We have made some big changes this year, with our planet and its people in mind. Last year, I received a bunch of personalized letters from a Grade 3 class, encouraging the cafeteria to reduce its use of single-use drink bottles, cartons, and boxes. I read every one of them. In an effort to reduce the use of these single-use items, we have done away with juice boxes and all other bottle beverages. This will help save 9,000 juice boxes a year – and that’s just from what we were sending to the PYP alone!

With your help, we can reduce this much further. We ask that all students bring a reusable water container to school with them every day. There are various water bottle filling stations throughout the school. We encourage all students to please help in our efforts.

So, what do you need to know?

If you’re on the Lower School Meal Program, please bring a reusable water container to school Monday through Thursday. On Friday, drinks will be provided in pitchers, which students can pour into reusable glasses. Students are encouraged to still bring their reusable containers on Friday’s to get water throughout the day.

For everyone else, please bring a reusable water container every day!