Students earn their DELF Certifications

We’re excited to announce that the DELF exams have been re-introduced at Meadowridge. The DELF exam is a French language certification administered by France’s Ministry of Education, which consists of four separate diplomas (A1, A2, B1, B2), each corresponding to a different level of standards with B2 being the most advanced offering within the DELF framework.

Our first group of students completed their exams in November and successfully obtained their respective certifications. Please congratulate our students on these well-deserved awards.

  • Sam D. - B2
  • Daphne L. - B2
  • Rayan R. - B1
  • Leia O. - B1
  • Yuqing (Julia) Z. - B1

The next session will be held at our school in April. For more details on the DELF exams, please contact Mme Elona Lamaj at