Traffic & Parking Reminders

Overall, we are pleased with the traffic management and flow through our campus. Every day, we cycle through hundreds of vehicles and, with much thanks to our parents and facilities staff, this runs smoothly and without significant incident. We are appreciative for the courtesy and safe manner in which the vast majority of parent drive while on campus and in our neighbourhood.

There are a few reminders we would like to share:

  • The intersection on 240th just North of school has become a concern. Parents are reminded not to park near or on the crosswalk and to manage their speed at this intersection. With more parents walking to campus from community parking areas, the volume of pedestrian traffic has increased, and our families’ safety needs to remain a priority. We have placed some cones on the street to act as reminders.
  • If you are on campus before pick-up time, please park in the designated parking lot. This allows for a more consistent flow of traffic around campus for everyone.
  • For parents of students in the Middle School or High School, please consider collecting your children closer to the end of their scheduled pick-up window (3:30pm to 3:40pm for Middle School, 3:40pm to 3:50pm for High School). The kiss and go area cannot accommodate parents who arrive early as that space is needed for Elementary pick-up. The parking lot is still an option.
  • For parents of Elementary students who have siblings in the Middle or High School, please consider:
    • Parking in the lot or walking in to collect your Elementary School student
    • Coming to collect your children in the oldest child’s pick-up window. Elementary teachers and administrators will supervise your younger students until their siblings are dismissed.

Thank you again for your focus on safety and willingness to work together to ensure pick up and drop off is safe and convenient for everyone.