Traffic & Parking Update

This year, we have had changes to traffic flow and parking.

  • For access to the Kiss N’ Go, continue to use the right lane coming up toward the school. Staff will direct you to the first available space, not necessarily the closest spot. It is important that you follow the direction of the staff members to keep the traffic flowing. The left lane of the driveway is reserved for busses and for those who have reserved parking spots.
  • For those who drive through the parking lot, drop your children off in that area and please don’t use the parking lot as a short-cut to the Kiss N’ Go. Please remember to go slowly as this area has many pedestrians.
  • Please do not enter or park in the faculty/staff parking area east of the main parking lot unless you have a reserved parking spot in that area.
  • Do not stop at any time in the coned off areas. This area must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Please ensure that your children are exiting your vehicles on the passenger side of the vehicle.

We also have new staff members out front. There have been many parents contacting us to say that the traffic flow is more efficient and quick. There is an increased adherence to these procedures. Thanks to drivers and to our staff who work through rain, wind, and unpleasant conditions to manage the traffic.

Unfortunately, there are still drivers who are very impatient, use foul language, and honk horns, which is completely unacceptable. Please remember that staff are implementing procedures Administration asked them to. We have asked our staff to report those who do not follow the routines so that we can follow-up. If you have an issue or concern, please contact Mr. Terry Donaldson ( rather than directing your concerns to the traffic staff.

Please be models of behaviour we expect of your children attending Meadowridge School.