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Meadowridge School Debate Tournament

The 2022 Meadowridge School Debate Tournament aims to create an environment in which creative and curious-minded individuals are able to explore a vast field of topics. Accommodating both novice and experienced debaters, this tournament concentrates on the improvement of its participants; only qualified coaches and college level debaters have been selected to adjudicate this tournament. In every round, debaters will be provided with adjudicators who can flow, as well as provide meaningful feedback and balanced decisions.

This tournament is run by students with the intent to help others get into the world of debate. Peter Yin, Akira Yoshiyama, and Isabella Zhang have been debating for a number of years, and are the coordinators of this tournament. This tournament is an ideal opportunity for new debaters to enter the world of speech and debate and for seasoned debaters to improve and brush up on their skills. 

Event Coordinators

If you have any questions please contact the Event Coordinators at

Akira Y.
Peter Y.
Isabella Z.