Join us Saturday, April 18, 2020 at Sky Hangar

A Meadowridge highlight, the Gala is a chance to have a fantastic night out with dinner and dancing while supporting the children, families, and future of Meadowridge School. This year's event brings together families and friends in celebration of the many efforts and accomplishments we've been able to achieve together as a community.

Great things happen

when we work together

Gathered in the hall of a nearby hotel, a group of parents met for the first time. Brought together by a small black-and-white ad in the local paper, they were there to discuss an idea. A school. These parents didn’t know one another, nor did they know what would come next, but they had something else: they had audacity. From its humble beginnings and still true today, our school has been shaped by all those in it. Meadowridge is proof of what a community can do.

Together we celebrate, inspire, and strengthen our Meadowridge community.

The Gala is a celebration of that special community. And, true to our roots, it is a celebration in support of our children and our school. We get together to give –  to give the students of today, and tomorrow, a better place to live and learn. Over the years, with families’ support, the Gala has developed and enhanced our gymnasiums, outdoor spaces, and other places all around our school.

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The Venue: Sky Hangar

18799 Airport Way V3Y 0A7 Pitt Meadows

Located in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, the Sky Hangar is a unique venue that specializes in creating incredible experiences for special events. Situated right by the Pitt Meadows Airport, this helicopter hangar is the backdrop for our special event this year.

Thank You to our 2020 Sponsors

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Ms. Penny Pan & Mr. David Stewart

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Ms. Angie Ramsay
The Yao Family

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Ms. Edemiria Schmitz Hsiao

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Mr. Hugh Burke & Ms. Eva Boyd
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Ms. Audrey Lee

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Royal Printers

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Mr. Shangtong Lin & Mrs. Jing Luo

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Ms. Phoebe Zhang & Family
Ms. Angie Ramsay
Mrs. Sukhi Bains
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen '05 & Brianna Just