Hunter Meyer '21

School & Program
Queens University of Charlotte, BSc. Sports Medicine

Meadowridge Student Since
Junior Kindergarten

Born in
Maple Ridge, BC

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve been playing lacrosse since I was six. One of my favourite things is to travel, especially with my lacrosse team. Together, we’ve pretty much been all over the United States and Canada. I also enjoy travelling with my family, and we go to Hawaii together at least once a year. I enjoy working out, which helps me keep a healthy mindset during school. That’s been a part of my life since childhood. I got into lacrosse and liked how it helped keep me fit and de-stress. You need that in life.

How did you first find yourself at Meadowridge?

My parents wanted me to go to a private school and we lived nearby. My grandparents, I believe, knew some teachers here and they recommended it. I have some great memories from when I started. I do remember playing with friends in the playground and dressing up for Halloween. My first costume was a fireman. As a lifer, being at the same school for 14 years is weird, but it’s also the reason I’ve done so well. My teachers have built connections with me that have ensured my success. I’ve loved being at the same school, but maybe a little less when I started the Diploma Programme (DP).

Tell us about your year ahead.

I’m headed to North Carolina and playing in the NCAA for lacrosse. I leave in August to start training, and I’ve already found a roommate. Our team met on some social media pages so we started texting and making groups. My roommate is from Kentucky. I’ll actually be the youngest player on the team, which is weird, because they’re all a year older. My training will be quite heavy. I have training every morning at 5:00am, practices during the day, and we play twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We’re going to be travelling all over for games. I have my game schedule and our first away game is already schedule in Tampa.

With school, I’ll be earning my Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine. My goal is to be a physiotherapist since I’ve had so many injuries and had to work to get back from them myself.

Everyone here really supported me, and I know it won’t be the same in university. The small groups and the teachers here helped form my study habits and shaped my ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills. Meadowridge has great teachers. 

What was it about Sports Medicine?

Many reasons, but really what motivated me the most was hurting myself. I’d get hurt and as I recovered, I’d be fascinated by how my team helped me heal. They can turn a person’s athletic career around. I broke my leg and was in a cast that went from the bottom of my ankle to the top of my leg. I was told I might not be able to play again, and I went through a solid year of physiotherapy. I had to work hard to get back into the game, and have my physiotherapist to also thank for that. Really, I knew it’s what I wanted to study since Grade 5.

What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead?

Honestly, getting out of Maple Ridge. I’m excited to get into the city. It’ll be a different and good change for me. I’ve lived in Maple Ridge my entire life, and it’s such a small place. I’m going to be living pretty much in the centre of Charlotte. I look forward to going to basketball games, the racetracks, and the many other things there will be to do.

What will you miss most as you move onto the next chapter?

The support. Everyone here really supported me, and I know it won’t be the same in university. The small groups and the teachers here helped form my study habits and shaped my ATL (Approaches to Learning) skills. Meadowridge has great teachers. I’ll also miss Spirit Days, which are always lots of fun and a good break from school. I will miss my family and all my friends from school and lacrosse. I’ve been playing with the same lacrosse team my entire life, and we’re all going away to different schools.

Any parting words of wisdom?

Work hard and find ways to manage your stress. You are going to be stressed through school, so find ways to cope. You’ll feel better and do better. Try to find time management approaches and get organized. I do have good time management, but my organization could use some work.

Congratulations to our 2022 Graduates

The Class of 2022 is graduating from one of the most rigorous academic programs in the world. Throughout the past year, and throughout their journey with us at Meadowridge, they have exhibited grace, courage, intelligence, and kindness.

They are all going on to prestigious schools nationally and internationally, to join rigorous programs in a variety of disciplines, and, most importantly, to make a positive impact in our world. We are proud of what they have achieved, and despite knowing change is the only certainty, we are confident that these young people are prepared to not only meet the future, but also to create it.

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