Isha Dau '22

School & Program
University of British Columbia, Computer Science | Taking a gap year

Meadowridge Student Since
Grade 5

Born in
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I like music. I’ve played the violin and the piano for about ten years. I also like to play chess a lot and used to run my own chess club at the school for a while. Though I’m going into computer science after my gap year, I do like math. I also like playing and developing video games. After a summer camp where I learned a bit about game development, I’ve been learning more and more. During my time off, I’m planning to develop a full game, but I’ve only been able to create short, five-minute games until now. My most recent one was an experience type of game—you walked through a world where everything is misshapen and you have to navigate through.

How did you first find yourself at Meadowridge?

When my family moved from the United Kingdom, we came straight to Meadowridge. I think my parents liked the area, and we liked the school. I still remember the girl who led me around on my first day, who I’m still friends with now. I also remember Mr. Diniz, who was my first teacher. I was shy at first, but grew comfortable pretty quick – quicker than expected, actually.

I know that I want to get into technology, but don’t know what specifically. Before going to university, I figure I’ll try a bunch of things and see what I like.

Tell us about your year ahead.

I signed up for a program with The Knowledge Society (TKS). It’s a general technology program where you get to explore a bunch of different things and work with different companies. I know that I want to get into technology, but don’t know what specifically. Before going to university, I figure I’ll try a bunch of things and see what I like. I’ll learn everything from machine learning and artificial intelligence to virtual reality. In my spare time, I plan to develop video games. I’ll also be working with my dad at his clinic as a medical office assistant.

What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead?

Having the time to explore the things I enjoy, and not be pushed around by schoolwork. I am hoping to travel as well. I’m really looking forward to spending more time on my hobbies, including completing a full video game which I haven’t had the time to do until now.

What will you miss most as you move onto the next chapter?

Probably having structured social time. When I’m in university, no one is going to force anyone to hang out with you and you won’t have the same cohort of people with you each day. I’ll miss learning things that maybe, normally, you wouldn’t be interested in. Like Spanish, I ended up really enjoying it and will miss Senora a lot. 

Favourite Meadowridge Memory.

Probably being a part of the Haunted House in Grade 8. My team and I were in charge of the grand finale—it was my job to essentially dress like a clown and scream at people. Looking back, I realize it probably wasn’t very frightening so I’m really grateful that the students played along and pretended to be scared. It’s a favourite memory because I find it strange that I was comfortable enough to do that, to dress up and go out and scream at people, but I suppose it was because I had been with friends that I had known for so long.

Making the most out of Meadowridge – what wisdom can you pass on?

Make the most of the subjects you maybe don’t enjoy. These courses will still be an experience that you’ll learn a lot from, especially when you put yourself into them. I took Chemistry HL because I thought I might study medicine. Well, I didn’t end up needing it and ended up hating it at first. Well, between Grade 11 and Grade 12 I decided to make the most out of it and just enjoy it. That helped a lot and it ended up becoming quite fun to learn.

Congratulations to our 2023 Graduates

The Class of 2023 is graduating from one of the most rigorous academic programs in the world. Throughout the past year, and throughout their journey with us at Meadowridge, they have exhibited grace, courage, intelligence, and kindness.

They are all going on to prestigious schools nationally and internationally, to join rigorous programs in a variety of disciplines, and, most importantly, to make a positive impact in our world. We are proud of what they have achieved, and despite knowing change is the only certainty, we are confident that these young people are prepared to not only meet the future, but also to create it.

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