Welcome to At-Home Learning with Meadowridge

Staying connected to continue our learning.

As we navigate through this unprecedented time of distance learning, social distancing, and self-isolation, it is important to reflect on our community and remember what we are trying to accomplish in our journey: Learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community.

While the COVID-19 virus will certainly have an effect on the content and process by which we teach, we are committed to providing a high degree of care, attention, and support for all of our children with their well-being as our primary focus.  

In the links below, you will find a variety of engaging learning opportunities specifically designed to provide a continuity of learning, opportunities to experience success, and tasks designed to maintain a love of learning. Through the active collaboration between our teachers, our parents, and our students, we are confident that we will emerge from this challenge stronger and better equipped for future success.

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Meadowridge is more than buildings. We are a community.

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What to expect with at-home learning

Community, Communication, and Caring

Just because we aren't in the same building doesn't mean we aren't together! Meadowridge has been working hard to create a distance learning plan to keep our families engaged with the school and each other. 

  • To engage students in learning: Our Elementary, Middle, and High School teacher will use a variety of resources to connect with our students. Teachers will be hosting Zoom Classroom sessions every day and continue to focus on inquiry learning by using Seesaw and ManageBac to share learning engagements and assignments.
  • Maintain Community Connections and Relationships: Having Zoom Class gatherings creates a morning routine and face-to-face communication with each other. Students will not only get to see their teacher but also each other. As well school administration and staff will be reaching out to parents in a variety of methods.
  • Monitor the health and wellbeing of our community: The health and wellness of our community are of the utmost importance and we will be keeping in close contact with families. We understand that this is a stressful time and we are moving towards a new way of learning for the rest of the school year. Faculty and staff will be checking in with students in a variety of methods to monitor their social and emotional wellbeing.


What if my child is sick and will miss their online classes?

Email the class teacher to let them know if your child will not be present for class discussions or lessons.

When will my child's timetable be available?

Elementary, Middle, and High School student timetables can be found on their grade pages. Middle and High School students have a weekly subject planning document that is updated and posted by Sunday evening on their grade pages.

I can't figure out how to use Zoom or another application my child needs?

Don't worry, we'll help! You can visit our Support page for helpful guides and contact information (emails and phone) for our tech support.

We're in this together: ask us your questions!

We got this. ❤️
Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and practice physical distancing.