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A Meadowridge Wedding

It may not be the first wedding ever held at Meadowridge, but it is the first wedding where the bride and groom are both former students. 

Sarah den Ouden and Jamie Brook both attended Meadowridge. Sarah from 1992 to 1996 and Jamie from 1994 to 1996 as elementary students, though they barely knew of each other then. Sarah was friends with Jamie’s younger brother, Michael, who was in her grade, and Jamie friends with Sarah’s older brother Adriaan. Jamie and Adriaan would often joke about becoming brothers one day if Sarah and Michael got married. True love was yet to bloom, since Jamie and Michael’s family moved to Australia after 1996.

Seventeen years later, Sarah looked Michael up before her trip to Australia, and he picked her up when she arrived. Only a few days after that, she moved into Jamie’s spare room, rather than stay in a hostel while she looked for work and a home. Though they didn’t admit it at first, it was love at first sight and Jamie and Adriaan’s joke about becoming brothers would soon be a reality although under different circumstances.

Though I went to many schools throughout my childhood, Meadowridge is the one that has always felt like home to me Michael, Meadowridge Alumni

Sarah and Jamie now live in Perth, Australia, with their daughter, Novalie. Sarah is a yoga and acrobatics instructor, and Jamie works in advertising.

When it came time to plan their wedding, they wanted to be sure to include as many friends and family as possible. They originally planned their wedding for March 2016 in Australia, but in July 2015, when a lot of Sarah’s side informed the couple that they wouldn’t be able to make the trip out to Australia, they decided to postpone and move the wedding to Canada. Two of Sarah’s bridesmaids, Natasha Rabe and Nadia Olafsen (Weber) and one of Jamie’s groomsmen, Samuel Wasswa-Kintu, also attended Meadowridge with the couple.

Despite only attending the school for a short time, Meadowridge still holds special meaning for the couple. Speaking to Michael, he said that “though I went to many schools throughout my childhood, Meadowridge is the one that has always felt like home to me.”

The Meadowridge group from Sarah and Michael's wedding along with teacher Ms. Cindy Hops

Meadowridge Alumni (and one current student) posing with teacher Ms. Hops

Sarah and Jamie have both stopped by the school a few times over the years, as Jamie is opening an advertising agency in Vancouver. Every visit included chatting with Miss Hops, who “is a huge part of who we both are today”, says Jamie. “Of all the amazing memories we could share about Meadowridge, the most prolific ones all have Miss Hops smiling over them.”

Now, they can add their wedding day to their catalogue of Meadowridge memories – and yes, Miss Hops was there to witness the special day.

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