Next Wednesday, September 27, we will be holding our Parent-Student-Advisor Conferences. There will be no classes in session that day. These conferences are not the same as Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences which will happen in January after teachers have had the chance to get to know your child in each of their classes and will have a much better understanding of student's strengths and areas where improvement or support might be needed.

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We are excited to welcome you to our Elementary School's Family-Teacher-Student Conferences scheduled for September 27. These early conferences will help us establish positive relationships with both you and your child, setting a supportive tone for the school year.

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The Parent Guild is seeking two dedicated individuals to assume the vital positions of Guild Secretary and Treasurer for this school year. In these roles, you’ll be provided an exceptional opportunity to engage more actively with the Parent Guild and provide crucial support for its school initiatives. 

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We had a very active Math and Computing Contest year with hundreds of participants across the High School. Congratulations to all the brilliant minds who conquered the Math Contest and emerged victorious! Your dedication, problem-solving expertise, and unwavering passion for numbers have propelled you to new heights.

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On Friday, April 28 and Tuesday, May 9, the Grade 9 and 10 students completed their Practice Journey by planning a trip from Rocky Point Park in Port Moody to Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby. Students were asked to prepare their meals for the day and their route of travel. They collaborated in teams and travelled in voyageur canoes to their destination and back.

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