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The Cheng and Lai Family: A gift to honour happiness

Christine Lai and Kai Cheng had many pleasant surprises during their first year at the school.

Their daughter, too shy to ever speak up, had found her voice and made lots of friends. Their son, having never expressed any sort of theatrical interest, was cast as one of the lead characters in the high school play. Though they had just emigrated to a new country and enrolled at a new school, they were surprised at how quickly they settled in. In mere months, the family of four grew into a much larger seven-hundred-and-something. As they put it, Meadowridge was “one big family”.

Now in their second year at the school, their son and daughter continue to thrive and to grow. For this, Christine and Kai credit the programs, the campus, and the teachers especially. The devotion and care shown by Meadowridge faculty complemented the family’s own commitment to not only learning but also to mental health and physical wellbeing.

“Our gift to Meadowridge School is so that every child here has everything they need to learn and become their best.” - Christine Lai and Kai Cheng

“As parents, we all want our children to have the best education and to be happy,” Christine and Kai explain. Finding this at Meadowridge, the family wanted to show their appreciation and ensure it would continue for all children, not just their own. With a generous $10,000 gift, the Cheng and Lai Family hope that every child at Meadowridge continues to have access to all the resources, experiences, and opportunities that helped their own son and daughter settle in and flourish.