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The Xi & Yu Family: A gift to honour teachers

When Jenny Yu stepped onto campus for the first time, she saw more than a school. After a year away from her daughter—a consequence of the pandemic, lockdowns and travel bans—she had a different appreciation for the school than most.

Meadowridge was a place that had cared for not only her daughter’s academic success, but also her mental health and wellbeing during what was a unique and challenging time. Jenny knew she had plenty of people to thank and so much to be grateful for.

This sentiment continues through to today.

Jenny and husband Xunye feel appreciation for so many at the school, from their daughter’s post-secondary counsellor, advisor, and high school principal to just about every teacher she’s had in her four-year academic career. For every one of them, Jenny has a fond memory to share. And with every memory, the sentiment is the same. Here, their daughter is not just a student or a number but an individual and a member of the Meadowridge family.

Her teachers support her fundraisers. Her advisor spends extra time to help. Her teachers act as mentors as well as educators. Her principal checks in about how she’s feeling as well as how she’s doing in class.

Eager to match the support they’ve seen their own daughter receive, the Yu and Xi Family donated their entire MEID in anticipation of their daughter’s graduation later this year. With their $10,000 gift, the family hopes to honour the teachers and the values they’ve instilled and kindness they’ve shared.

“The teachers at Meadowridge provide our daughter with more than academic values; they provide the ways of thinking as well as the ways of doing,” - Xunye Xi and Jenny Yu   

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