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Alumni Story: Ty Brar '23

During his eleven years at Meadowridge School, Ty Brar ‘23 experienced opportunity, growth, and academic success. From his first year at the school through to graduation, Ty holds many memories, a mix of best moments and meaningful challenges—altogether, shaping the young alum into who he is today and preparing him for his next educational undertaking at the UBC Sauder School of Business.

At Meadowridge, Ty was an active member of the FTC robotics club and later volunteered as a FLL coach, a decision that solidified both his commitment to the school and his interest in the club. Ty’s time with Kinderbuddy Benyamin was also an inspiring and memorable experience. Teaching him the values of mentorship and friendship, the Kinderbuddy Program has left a lasting impact on Ty.

His time at school was of course not without its challenges, but Ty credits these less-inspiring moments as opportunities for personal and academic growth. One particular moment, a conversation with his Grade 8 Science Teacher Ms. Bolyard, stands out still today. It was a quick exchange—Ms. Bolyard had made a point to congratulate Ty on his improvement on a test—but it made an impact. It was conversations like these that showed Ty just how supportive and encouraging the Meadowridge environment could be, a place where everyone—teachers, staff and peers—supported one another and celebrated each other’s success. It was conversations like these that inspired Ty to work harder.

When the time came to decide on higher education, Ty was influenced by his family's experiences during the pandemic. Despite learning towards engineering at first, he recognized the impact businesses could make on people’s lives and decided to pursue it as his path. Ty chose UBC’s Sauder School of Business for its excellent programs and specialties in real estate and finance, coupled with the diversity of its student body and its closeness to home. As Ty delved into UBC Sauder School of Business, he discovered the excitement of modeling and forecasting, particularly in determining optimal production units given various constraints. The unexpected value lay in assessing his own values and aligning them with companies for a fulfilling career – an inward-looking approach in the competitive world of business. 

Reflecting on his academic journey, Ty took the Business Management HL course in the DP program, finding it instrumental in introducing him to fascinating concepts and aspects of business. While the DP program provided him with the foundational knowledge, the ability to learn content quickly and efficiently was a paramount skill he carried into university. Meadowridge's comprehensive education, including projects like the Extended Essay and CAS, not only equipped Ty with academic tools but also honed his interpersonal and community engagement skills. These experiences made him a well-rounded individual, ready to face challenges in both academia and the real world. 

For current DP students, Ty offers valuable advice: view the DP program as a marathon, not a sprint. Sustained effort, daily practice, seeking help when needed, and effective time management are key elements for success. He emphasizes the importance of breaking down daunting tasks into manageable blocks and encourages students to focus on personal improvement rather than comparison with peers. 

Ty's journey from Meadowridge to UBC Sauder School of Business exemplifies the transformative power of education, personal growth, and resilience. As he steps into the world of business, Ty carries with him the lessons and values instilled during his years at Meadowridge. 

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