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Giving to the Community: Interview with our Board of Governors

We want to give thanks to those within our Board of Governors for continuing to support Meadowridge. We asked them to share their thoughts on why they decided to donate back to the School. 

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Shah, Samir

Samir and Shilpa Shah (Board member, Grade 5 and 11 parents)

"It is important to us to support the great environment our kids experience day to day and year over year. These privileges our kids experience come from a combination of hard work by the staff and administration and the contributions from our school's families - our time, energy, and financial contributions”


Lucy Wu (Board member, Grade 8 and 10 parent)

“I donate because Meadowridge is my community.”



Tina Lee (Board member, Alumni and Grade 9 parent)

“I am contributing towards the Financial Aid and Scholarship Fund on Giving Day as a proud member of the Meadowridge Community and current Board Member. I want to support our Community Members as I have been supported throughout my 15 years at this school, through difficult times and as well as through some of my proudest moments. Meadowridge provides opportunities for the students to not only grow and push their limits, but to move the lines forward and to live well, with others and for others, in a just community. I am excited for the school’s new chapter and what the future holds.”


Steve Just '05 (Alumnus)

“As an alum, I have been so lucky to directly benefit from the generosity of all the families before me. And in that spirit, I believe in paying it forward.”