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Gryphons of the Month: January 2024

Our students have so many amazing stories to share. The Meadowridge Awards and Recognition Committee want to recognize the work of our incredible students. Each month, teachers in Elementary, Middle, and High School nominate students who have demonstrated characteristics of the Learner Profiles in a memorable and inspiring way. Through our Gryphons of the Month, it’s our hope that, as a community, we hear the “stories of our students.”

Shirav S. (Grade 5) takes a risk to make a change

Shirav saw and experienced some things that made him wonder. He saw trees being cut down and animals losing their homes and wondered how can I make this stop? He waited three whole months for an orthodontist check-up and wondered how can I make this better? A Grade 5 student with a busy schedule already, Shirav wanted to find out how he could make small changes today and, with a hopeful career in politics someday, big changes tomorrow. Shirav met with two MLAs and sought out answers to his questions. Shirav called the honourable Lisa Beare who, to his surprise, invited him to a meeting at her office. Shirav showed up with a big list of questions. “I’m a very curious kid,” he explains, “when something is going on, or someone is whispering, I usually like to investigate”. Learning many new things and deciding to pursue politics as a career, his meeting was a successful one.

For his peers who might want to take a risk to make a change, Shirav encourages them to step outside their comfort zone. The Grade 5 learner admits he was nervous to call and book a meeting but was comforted by his mom and his sister who waited close by. “Lean on your family and friends or maybe try some rituals like deep breathing,” he encourages, “or, maybe stockpile some candy and have that to look forward to if it makes you less nervous!”.


Stella T. (Grade 6) balances sport and school, finds success

Stella had a successful first try at track and field. During the Meadowridge Meet, the then-Grade 4 student had a chance to try all the events, from running and jumping to throwing. Though it was her first time at any of them, she realized she had a real knack and love of sprints—100m and 200m in particular—and high jump. “I liked that I was good at it, but also that they were a short distance,” Stella laughs. Realizing her passion, she registered for clubs both in and out of school right after the meet. Since then, the young learner has dedicated herself to training. Stella is an active member of Meadowridge’s Track and Field team as well as the Coquitlam Cheetahs. When not in class or at violin practice, Stella can often be found running the track near her home, working on her endurance and speed. Off the track, she watches her sleep, water intake, and diet. “I’m quite aware,” Stella explains of her balanced approach, “I have to be focused on what I’m doing.” Her balance and effort have paid off. During the last meet of the season, Stella won first place in 100m and third in 200m with a commendable 14s28 and 29s89, respectively.

For those looking for a little balance in their lives, the Grade 6 student has this advice: “Being balanced is important so you can be successful in life. If you don’t sleep, you can’t study. If you can’t study, you won’t do well in class. If you don’t do well in class, you won’t do well at school. It’s all connected.”


Rebecca K. (Grade 12) keeps an open mind and an open heart

During a two-year mission preparatory program, Rebecca committed herself to helping others and giving back. Through the program, the young learner found herself in many different settings and with people from all walks of life. Her service started with twice-monthly visits to the downtown eastside where she and her peers prepared sandwiches, set up tables, and handed them out to residents in need. Over time, Rebecca stepped into a leadership role and became one of the organizers and planners. She also helped out during Sunday school classes, particularly in the preschool where her task turned to finding fun, interactive ways to keep her

young students engaged and learning. Most recently, Rebecca’s service took her a little further from home to Honolulu, HI. During a six day trip, she and her peers served many people and helped out in many places, from cleaning up beaches and streets and preparing food for the homeless to surveying undocumented fishermen. Though Rebecca has since graduated from the program, she plans to continue giving back.

With an open mind and much care, Rebecca’s experience has reinforced the value of service in her own life and the lives of others. “Service is about giving back, so it’s about helping out how people need and not necessarily how you want to,” she explains.

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