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Gryphons of the Month: May 2023

Our students have so many amazing stories to share. The Meadowridge Awards and Recognition Committee want to recognize the work of our incredible students. Each month, teachers in Elementary, Middle, and High School nominate a student who has demonstrated characteristics of the learner profiles in a memorable and inspiring way. Through our Gryphons of the Month, it’s our hope that, as a community, we hear the “stories of our students.”

Cambria is knowledgeable, a thinker, and a risk-taker

A Grade 4 learner braves the pony exam and comes out on top.

When Tryggie came into Cambria W.’s life, she knew she wanted to learn more about caring for her new pony friend. She decided she would compete in BC Pony Club’s knowledge test which would assess her horsemanship skills such as feeding, grooming, training, saddling, and communicating with her pony. The test consists of individual and team competitions. Cambria placed in the top 10 out of 50 competitors and her team placed second in their category! 

“I felt like my hard work and studying paid off and it was a great feeling when I found out how we did. The competition brought our team closer together,” says Cambria.  

 The secret to Cambria’s success? She says she couldn’t have done it without her family’s support.  

“I studied and memorized as much as I could, but my mom and grandma really helped me prepare. Before the test, while I was playing video games, getting ready for bed, or eating dinner, they would give me random quizzes and I always had to be ready with answers.”  

By taking on the challenges of the pony exam and dedicating her time to learning more about how to care for Tryggie, Cambria has demonstrated that she is knowledgeable, a thinker, and a risk-taker.  

What does it mean to Cambria to be knowledgeable, a thinker, and a risk-taker? 
"To be knowledgeable means to study hard and do a good job when you’re tested. Being a thinker means you are thorough and thoughtful in your answers, and you put time into your work. As a risk-taker, you go out of your comfort zone and take on challenges you have never done before."


James and Felix are caring 

Two Grade 7 learners show us what is means to be caring. 

For the past few months, James L. and Felix N. spent one day a week after school helping Drama Teacher Ms. White re-organize and sort a storage loft in the theatre. Prior to all their hard work, the space was cluttered with old costumes, props, party supplies, textbooks, report cards, and boxes of various items like hand sanitizers, and papers. James and Felix turned the task into a fun project.  

“It was interesting to see all the different things stored in the loft. Once we finished, we got the satisfaction of seeing a clean loft that we can now use to its full potential. It also brought us closer as friends,” said James and Felix.  

During theatre productions, the two can be seen helping backstage and with lighting, but their extra behind-the-scene effort and support with clearing the theatre loft highlight their caring nature. 

What does it mean to James and Felix to be caring?
"To me, it means putting other people ahead of yourself and helping out when you can and when others need it."
- James  

"For me, it means assisting someone or something in need, like organizing our cluttered theatre space or cleaning up our tables after lunch so others can eat."
- Felix


Joel is a caring inquirer

A Grade 11 learner uses his self-taught tech skills to put others first.

As a challenge, Joel C. pushed himself to learn how to code, build websites, create 3D models of international airports and augmented reality simulations of the North Forest, and about computer programming and engineering. But he didn’t stop there. He took all that newfound knowledge and created a website for study and exam resources which has assisted IB students and teachers everywhere. 

“The thing I appreciate most is when I know my products are helping people. There’s an online community that makes free resources to help others and I feel accomplished when I can contribute to it,” says Joel.  

Through the website, The Anonymous Helper, Joel along with the support of 10 of his classmates, has helped Meadowridge students with test prep and has simplified exam scheduling for teachers. Even students from other schools have benefited from these resources. By leveraging his skills and knowledge in a selfless way, Joel has displayed he is not only an inquirer but also caring.   

What does it mean to Joel to be caring and an inquirer?
"An inquirer goes through the process of investigating, learning to research, and understanding things they’re passionate about. It makes me happy knowing what I create helps people."