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Honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day

To celebrate the culture and heritage, and deepen our knowledge of Indigenous groups and communities, we held a National Indigenous Peoples Day Assembly on Friday, June 17.

A sea of orange shirts filled the gym to demonstrate our support of Indigenous Peoples, their culture, and the colonial impacts (read more: Why We Wear Orange or Red in Support of Indigenous Peoples – explained by Mrs. Smoke).

Thanks to the work of the Indigenous Education Committee, our school community witnessed the rich culture of Indigenous Peoples through a drum ceremony and song from Troy Charlie from the Sts'ailes Nation, our Grade 5 students performed the song “Nikamo” by Jason Burnstick, with Mr. Badie on the guitar and Ms. Kite conducting, and much more. In strengthening our knowledge, we learned about the displacement of families from residential schools, our Grade 3s shared their experiences using the Medicine Wheel, and Grade 8s taught us about how dreamcatchers help to ward off bad dreams while allowing good dreams to come through.

After the assembly, learning continued across the continuum. Each grade delved into activities that focused on Indigenous perspectives and Ways of Knowing, The First Peoples Principles, and connections to the land.

The Indigenous Education Committee says it’s important to note the entire month of June is more than just a celebration of Indigenous culture.

“Throughout the month, we have an opportunity to honour the rich history, heritage, and diversity of Indigenous Peoples. It is a time for celebration, but also a time for us to increase our understanding of Indigenous history and reflect upon the challenges faced by Indigenous communities today," 
- Mrs. Smoke, Indigenous Education Chair

We are incredibly grateful to have Indigenous Education visible throughout Meadowridge, not only in celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day, but every day.