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Grade 12 Art Exhibition: Jenny L.

Jenny L. (Grade 12) got her first sketchbook at eight, started designing clothes at ten, and enrolled in an arts program a year after that. Ever since she could remember, Jenny has wanted to be a fashion designer. Now, at seventeen and still in her senior year of high school, she has achieved that aim.

One of Jenny’s original pieces has been published in Rebel, a fashion and art magazine. With IB exams, university acceptances, fashion school, and a whole lot of learning ahead of her, Jenny may not be a professional fashion designer quite yet, but she is well on her way.

As a kid, Jenny used to pull inspiration from everywhere. A floral teapot became a beautiful gown. Her Barbie dolls her models. Noticing her daughter’s talents, Jenny’s mother enrolled her in an arts program in Grade 6. There, Jenny got to explore and learn all the skills she’d hoped to. “We got to design our own prints, create our own fabrics, learn how clothes fit, draw and design clothing…” she shares. “We do everything.”

Seven years later, her passion has only grown.

With fashion school on the horizon, Jenny has been working steadily to build up her portfolio and make as many connections as possible. As a designer, Jenny is responsible for booking and organizing all her own shoots. This takes photographers, models, hair and makeup artists – all professionals whom Jenny must find and book on her own. After that, Jenny must post these photos and her designs in different groups and social media channels and submit it to magazines. In an industry run on connections, Jenny seems to have it already figured out, a skill she credits to her second love—business. Jenny credits Meadowridge School and her business teacher especially for providing her with these skills. “Ms. Tao is great and helps us learn real-world skills,” she shares.

The garments featured in Rebel Magazine are from my Current Events collection, a collection that spreads awareness on the topics COVID-19, marine pollution, and police brutality. The outfit worn by the model is inspired by police brutality.

Jenny's piece published in Rebel Magazine

See Jenny's digital feature in the Schön Magazine online →

As a published fashion designer, Jenny shows no signs of slowing down. The budding designer is busy adding to her portfolio, preparing for her DP Art Exhibition, and exploring further themes and styles. “I’ve explored paranoia, eighteen-century France, Thailand and its cuisine, cubism, even cardboard dresses,” she smiles, “and there are still so many other things I want to explore.”