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Leaving a Lasting Legacy for Future Generations with Cathy & Andy Graetz
Cathy and Andy Graetz standing in front of Meadowridge School's cafeteria doors

Cathy and Andy Graetz, long time members and supporters of the Meadowridge community, are leaving a lasting legacy that will touch the lives of future generations of students.

Their decision to make a planned gift to Meadowridge reflects not only their deep connection to the school, but also their unwavering commitment to education and the betterment of young lives. 

Cathy's journey at Meadowridge, spanning close to 30 years as a teacher has been one filled with job satisfaction and countless heartwarming moments. Over the years, she has also witnessed the school's remarkable growth and transformation, both in terms of physical footprint and academic programming. What truly inspired Cathy and Andy to make a planned gift was the tangible impact their contribution will have on the scholarship recipients. Cathy credits her own success to the foresight of her parents, neither of whom had graduated high school, but who selflessly ensured she had a quality education which in turn opened the doors to a world-class university education.

“University endowments are great, but the formative school years are imperative in paving the way, which is why we wanted to contribute to high school education."Cathy Graetz

"Helping someone who, for financial reasons, would otherwise not be able to attend Meadowridge also aligns with the mission of the school to live well with and for others in a just community." Cathy explains. 

Cathy and Andy have chosen to create The Graetz Family Scholarship through a testamentary bequest that is included in Andy’s will. They recognize the value of leaving a legacy that extends beyond their lifetime. As Andy explains, "This bequest ensures that our gift has a positive impact for many years to come.” Emphasizing the importance of their commitment to education, Andy also acknowledges the current favourable tax laws in Canada, particularly regarding legacy bequests of qualifying securities.  

In addition, this Planned Gift paves the way for other individuals to follow in their footsteps, thereby supporting the school’s financial stability, growth, and long-term impact on students.  

But their gift is about more than just financial support; it's about inspiring future generations to pay it forward. They hope that the students who benefit from their gift will remember the difference it made in their lives and, in turn, find ways to contribute positively to their communities. 

Planned gifts were a new concept for Meadowridge, but the school's flexibility, commitment to growth and appreciation of the long-term benefits of such gifts impressed Cathy and Andy. For those considering making a planned gift to a charitable organization, Cathy and Andy offer valuable advice. They recommend researching how efficiently the donated funds will be used and emphasize the importance of picking an organization close to one's heart and life. Supporting local charities may also have a more immediate and personal impact. 

In closing, Cathy and Andy express their gratitude to the Meadowridge community. The school has been Cathy's second family, a place where she found purpose, fulfillment, and enduring friendships. Andy has offered to share his views with interested families on the benefits of a legacy bequest. Their story serves as a powerful testament to the enduring impact of education and the potential to create lasting change in the lives of students, both present and future. 

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