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Pink Shirt Day Prep & Tools to Improve Mental Health

An Indigenous Peoples' parable has a grandfather explaining to his grandson: “There are two wolves at war inside everyone. One is greedy, mean, and angry. The other is generous, kind, and friendly.” The grandson asks, “Which one will win?” The grandfather answers, “The one you feed.”

Let’s feed the ‘wolf’ that will bring us more happiness, authentic friendships, and a calmer state of mind. We have this one life to live, and it is up to us to better ourselves with every passing day by learning and growing from our own life experiences.

Pink Shirt Day graphic with Life Each Other Up

Prepare for Pink Shirt Day, February 23, 2022

Will wearing a pink shirt magically make us kind? Probably not. To develop compassion and kindness toward others, we must recognize our own deficiencies first.

This year Meadowridge will be hosting two original Pink Shirt Day virtual assembly events – one for elementary school and one for middle/high school with students taking the lead. The virtual events will reveal how our community members treat one another and will discuss ways in which we can do better moving forward.

To buy your Pink Shirt for the event visit this site or buy them at London Drugs.

Mental Health Tips and Tools

As work intensifies, stress can increase. This stress need not be so damaging to our mental health. Offset the sit down, sedentary activities like studying/marking/working by getting outside!  Even a short walk around the block can reduce tension and improve our mood significantly.


  • SET a timer – decide that you WILL get outside at that time no matter what, and don’t overthink!
  • CHECK-IN with yourself, after you are done and notice how you feel.
  • FOCUS on the ‘after’ activity feeling (like après ski!).
  • PLAN: when thinking about doing the activity again – remember that ‘after’ feeling because that will motivate you to keep doing that activity (research proves that this mindset works to build healthy habits).

Here is a super simple article about how teachers can help students with their mental health.  It would be highly effective for the home too!

All the best,

Ms. Derkson

About the Author

Ms. Jodi Derkson
Social Emotional Learning Coordinator/Counselor

As Meadowridge School’s Social Emotional Counselor, Ms. Derkson brings her years of education, experience, and training to support our community. “My job is to assist teachers and create a schoolwide program,” she shares, “and educate.” Ms. Derkson works with teachers and students and even parents to build understanding, share resources and learn techniques.

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