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Alumnus Roy Zhao ’19 Awarded Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research

Meadowridge alumnus, Roy Zhao ‘19 was recognized for his research project, "A Semi-Analytic Model of High-Redshift Dust Attenuation of Galaxies During the Epoch of Reionization" which received the Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research at UCLA.

His complex study in theoretical astrophysics investigates the mechanism of interstellar dust production, distribution, and effect on telescope observation in the first galaxies that ever existed. According to Roy, we know a lot about existing nearby galaxies, but little about the earliest generations of galaxies from 13 billion years ago. His research brings new insights to the study of Cosmology.

“It’s always good to be recognized, but what I really care about is just to look up to the stars and galaxy.”

Roy credits his achievement for research to his time at Meadowridge.

What I appreciate about the school is that it didn’t train me to be an astrophysicist or any existing profession; it imprints the curiosity, passion, and insight that reach far beyond just research. Becoming an astrophysicist is one of the many aspects of the person I became by attending Meadowridge. I’m also a philosopher a photographer, a mentor, and a teacher, from my journey at Meadowridge,

Recently, Roy obtained his Bachelor of Arts and Science in physics and philosophy from UCLA and will be undertaking more cosmological research. Congratulations, Roy!

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