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SEL at Home: How to be mindful

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at Home

ISABC May Mindfulness Challenge – It’s not too Late to Join!

It’s not too late to take daily breaks! Not the kind of break where your mind is focused on Instagram, but the kind of break that tethers you to the moment you are living right now. Think of mindfulness as your mind being FULL of this moment here. You would be amazed at how calming this simple act could be.

Mr. Spurgeon sent a lovely Mindful Moment to me, proving that he was truly savouring the moment: walking his dog, amongst the cherry blossoms, feeling grateful and relaxed.

If you’d like to challenge yourself to take better care of your mental health, then please join the challenge. Begin by signing up for a Challenge Hound account. Click on the link sent to your email. If you cannot find the Meadowridge team on the ISABC May Mindfulness Challenge, then click here and scroll down to click ‘JOIN CHALLENGE’.


  • Meditate by setting a timer (5,10, 20 minutes) and sit calmly observing your breath flowing in and out. When you find yourself lost in thought – gently remind yourself to observe your breath. This is meditation – the constant act of challenging your brain to simplify and to be in the moment. Here are some top rated guided meditations.
  • Yoga does not mean sitting like a pretzel for hours. Try a simple practice to move with breath. Remember, each breath is one movement. The simplicity of moving with your breath is quite calming on the central nervous system and quiets the mind. Here are the top classes you can try.
  • Walk mindfully by taking in your environment with all your senses. Feel your feet in your shoes. Notice the feel of the air on your skin. Smell the spring blossoms. Breathe deeply as you walk. Even a short walk around the block is a wonderful way to reduce anxiety and manage stress.

The health benefits of mindfulness are:

  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Improvement in cognition (in simple terms: it improves the way you think and focus)
  • Helping people with high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Strengthening your immune system

It’s not too late to join! Join as a class – or a family!

Let’s get mindful Meadowridge!

Ms. Jodi Derkson, SEL Coordinator/Counselor