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SEL at Home: Mental Health Week

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at Home

This week is Meadowridge’s mental health week – so, now is as good a time as ever to step away from your distractions and ask yourself:

  • How have I been feeling lately?
  • What excites me?
  • What scares me?
  • What messages is my mind telling me?
  • What can I change?
  • What must I learn to accept?

Taking the time to get to know ourselves is an invaluable form of self-care. Take it a step further by being more mindful…maybe the May challenge will give you the motivation you need to care for your mental health.

May Mindfulness ISABC Schools Challenge

Have you always wanted to be more mindful but simply don’t know where to begin? Well, let me tell you, it’s not that complicated. All you do is DECIDE to gift yourself a few moments a day of focusing on your breath, gazing at nature as you walk, or practicing yoga (led for free on YouTube). No matter how busy you are, you DO have time for mindfulness (think about the hours wasted scrolling on social media). Your mind determines the type of life you’re living. Mindfulness has been proven to improve sleep, anxiety, inflammation and physical pain, immunity, and mood. To join the challenge – click on the Meadowridge team box and sign up. Let this be a push to a new, more mindful you! If not now…then when?


Ms. Jodi Derkson, SEL Coordinator/Counselor