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SEL at Home: Sticks and Stones AND Words can harm you!

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at Home

You’ve heard the saying ‘sticks and stones may break your bones, but words could never hurt you’ and as much as we wish that to be true - it simply isn’t. Words have the power to affect someone’s self-esteem negatively or positively. Not only that, but the messages we receive from others can impact our ability to learn. To hear more about the studies which prove these facts, listen to this podcast: Hidden Brain: How Rude!

Dopamine Nation – the Effects of Addictive Behaviours on the Brain

We all love to feel good! Naturally, we seek out ways in which we can feel more engaged, and even highly excited throughout each day. Our brain has a reward system that feels so good to activate. Yet, the behaviours we choose to feel good (like scrolling endlessly through social media, eating tons of sugar, or taking drugs) can negatively impact the brain’s reward system and even cause increased depression when abstaining from the activity. Anna Lembke (Dopamine Nation) is a psychiatrist and professor at Stanford University. Anna and Dax Shepard (host of podcast: Armchair Expert) discuss how addiction drives people into isolation, how social media and drugs stimulate the same parts of the brain. Listen HERE.

Mindfulness over matter!

To notice our thoughts and behaviours we must train ourselves to stop and observe. Yet, as we know, in this fast-paced world, with so much distraction, it can be super challenging to take some quiet time for ourselves.  As we prepare for exams, we might believe that we’ll be anxious no matter what. But that is not true. Studies show that practicing mindfulness (meditation, yoga, walking, etc.) will reduce your brain and body’s propensity to send stress signals. The simple act of walking, or listening to music, giving yourself permission to be in the moment, will change the way you react to exams or any other stresses that life presents. Here is a YouTube site with tons of meditations to help you prepare for exams (and for life!).

Wishing you well,

Ms. Jodi Derkson, SEL Coordinator/Counselor