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Seven Meadowridge Graduates Earn District Authority Scholarships

The District/Authority scholarship is awarded to 5,500 high school graduates across the province who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen area.

Elsa Chen
Performance in Sport: Individual

Elsa's talents and achievements in Taekwondo started early in her life. At 11, she won the provincial and Northwest District Championships in Traditional Forms. Two years later, she achieved her black belt status. In 2022, Elsa competed in the USA Fall Nationals. She won first place in XMA forms, third place in Traditional weapons, and fourth place in Traditional Forms. In 2023, she competed in the Northwest District championships, earning Gold, Silver, and Bronze in various categories. The same year, during the invitation-only Tournament of Champions, she won first place in XMA forms in her division and earned her second-degree black belt.

Mackenzie Hui
Leadership in Sport

Coming from an athletic family, Mackenzie gained a passion for sports and developed a competitive nature at a young age. She also decided to take more of a leadership role in sports, as simply participating was not enough. One of her proudest achievements would be co-captaining the senior boys' soccer team at Meadowridge School. Being the only female on the team, in the league, and at provincials, she established her leadership style to gain her teammates' trust, respect, and appreciation. Her leadership presence demonstrated to many that nothing, especially gender, should not be a barrier.

Leia Oleksyn
Debate/Public Speaking

Leia has been passionate about debate since discovering the power of using her voice as a vessel for advocacy and change. Her most notable achievements include qualifying for and attending the World Scholars Cup Global Round in London in the summer of 2023, where she qualified for the final Yale Round. She also won 3rd place in the French provincial Concours d'art oratoire speaking competition. As a fervent Model UN participant, she earned awards at four conferences. Speech and debate have been driving forces in Leia's life, motivating her to use her skills to learn and communicate related to global issues and international relations in multiple languages.

Aryaan Ray
Electronics and Robotics

Aryann's involvement in robotics started with Meadowridge's FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Club. He began as a coder but served on every team aspect over time. His contributions helped his team achieve winning alliance for the Vancouver qualifier and second place in the FTC Innovate Award at provincials. Aryaan also served as a mentor for FIRST Lego League (FLL) Robotics. He creatively taught younger students to brainstorm robot movements. He successfully supported them with building a Lego robot which got 200 points in just one two-minute round. Aryan also led a month-long e-waste drive, an initiative with the BC Technology for Learning Society, causing 40 cubic feet of e-waste to be properly recycled and reused in the community for disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Amy Shen
Visual Arts: Media Arts

Media arts have always been more than just a passion for Amy; they represent a lens through which she perceives the world. Being constantly aware of the boundary-pushing interplay between technology and the arts has heavily influenced her perception and values regarding the field of visual arts. MYP art classes, Grade 10 Personal Project, DP Visual Arts class, and leading a school CAS club offered Amy many opportunities to grow as an interdisciplinary artist further. Amy goes beyond the surface level of aesthetics or decoration and instead explores contemporary themes to add more significance. Amy also integrates underlying science and compositional effects as part of the user experience for her artworks.

Maryam Tahir
Service Global

As a second-generation immigrant, Maryam grew up with an understanding of the great interconnectivity of the world. IB DP Geography presented even more current issues to Maryam, which she acted upon. To face the large waste production, she and her classmates created a project that built community connections with hospitals and pet clinics to reduce medical supply waste and help grow vet clinics. This effort was recognized as a Global Social Leaders finalist in 2020 and a semi-finalist in 2021. Maryam also worked with her local Muslim community on fundraisers to help refugees and with Islamic Relief, an international organization that provides humanitarian aid to vulnerable global communities.

Yuqing (Julia) Zhang
Leadership (Community & Global)

Julia has devoted significant time and effort to the international Go (Weiqi) community and her school community. After winning titles in the 2022 US Go Congress in Colorado and multiple Canadian events, Julia co-directed the 2023 Canadian Go Open in Richmond. She brought it to be the largest-ever Canadian Go event in history. She served the American Go Honor Society (AGHS). She co-founded the American Collegiate Go Association (ACGA), organizing online and in-person Go tournaments across the continent. She also added her voice to the female-underrepresented intellectual community. Julia has been an active leader at Meadowridge School as a part of the Student Council, Badminton Team, the Anonymous Helpers and Ski CAS Club, to name a few.

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