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Surprise $50K Donation brings Students One Big Hop, Skip, and a Jump Closer to a New Playground

It’s the kind of update we love to share. We’re one big hop, skip, and a jump closer to our goal. Plans for our playground renovation just received a $50,000 boost thanks to the generosity of parents, Ava Tian and Scott Venton. This means we’re more than halfway to our $250,000 target! During our Gala on April 15, the Meadowridge parents announced their gift to the project, surprising hundreds of our guests.

Why We Give – Ava and Scott

Ava and Scott along with their daughter, April give back to various organizations and non-profits every year. This year, they wanted to do something that focused on giving back to Meadowridge School and supporting “play” for our students, but they weren’t yet sure where they could support.

When Ava and Scott found out about the school’s need for an updated playground, they knew it was the perfect fit.

“There’s no comparison to the environment and community at Meadowridge. It’s kind, calm, and supportive, and we want our daughter to be surrounded by a positive environment that will support her as she grows. It’s important for us as parents and community members to do what we can to improve and build on this environment for our daughter and for other children here.”

For Ava, learning about how the future playground would include a water play system was more validation that this was an important initiative to give back to.

“In my Chinese culture, water means ‘good fortune,’ and in China we want children to play in it, so I hold a special connection to this part,” explains Ava.

As parents, Ava and Scott want nothing more than to set an example for their daughter to be kind and care for others. And as Meadowridge community members, they hope to inspire a culture of kindness and giving.

“We all play a part in giving. We are all here to provide the best for our children. When we give, we show who we are as parents, as community members, and as people, and we receive back more in meaningful ways.
Giving is a different type of receiving.”
- Ava and Scott

As a way to encourage other families to give in support of the future playground, all donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar, thanks to Ava and Scott’s generous gift. Join Ava and Scott in supporting our students with the gift of play in the newly renovated playground.

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