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Words of Wisdom at the Career Roundtable

As part of Meadowridge Post-Secondary Counselling Program’s commitment to supporting our students to increase their self-awareness, discover their passions, and define post-secondary goals, a CWOW Career Roundtable was hosted for our Grade 9 and 10 students on February 9.

This event creates a forum for industry experts (Meadowridge parents, alumni, employees, and friends of our community) to provide their unique perspectives on the transition to university, career development, career choices, and their experiences in the field. It’s an important time for our students to learn more about who they are, what they want, and what they might like to become, so they can make fundamental decisions to create the future they want.

What our students had to say

“I loved this CWOW. It allowed me to explore many different career paths that I wouldn’t normally explore.”

“We must be open when exploring fields. It’s actually quite common to switch what you want to do in university and even after graduating.”

“I learned that some of the most important skills are communication.”

“I learned about how life works after graduation, and I understood some things about how the world works.”

“There aren't set career paths. Careers open opportunities.”

“I learned that the IB curriculum will help us beyond graduation.”

“I gained an increased interest in the medical field. I learned a lot about the training process.”

Established professionals were chosen from a broad range of backgrounds, including diverse demographics, career stages, and career choices, to reflect a variety of career paths and experiences. Students met with experts from a range of different industries, including forensics, gaming, law, engineering, business, 3D animation, and more unique and traditional areas.

Learning from guest speakers, alumni, counsellors, and each other, students take part in exercises, activities, and sessions designed to stimulate, challenge, and develop their thinking. The session let students explore some of the emerging post-secondary and career ideas they were beginning to form for current and future development.

Words of Wisdom From our Experts

“If you love what you do, it won't feel like work.”

“Be a risktaker and don't be reluctant to change career paths.”

“Make sure you volunteer or gain work experience beforehand.”

“There is no easy job.”

Meet our Incredible Career Roundtable Industry Experts

Law & Criminology
Dr. Richard Rosenthal, Alumni Parent

Philosophy & Education
Dr. Susan Gardner, Grandparent

Forensic Science
Ms. Kerrin Hagberg ’12, Meadowridge Alumna

Ms. Emma Newbery ’12, Alumna & sibling of current student

Mr. Jayten Patel ’10, Alum

3D Animation
Mr. John Li, Colleague of Meadowridge Parent

Operations Manager
Ms. Molly Sprague ’06, Alumn

Dr. Mathew Smith, Parent

Corrections & Criminal Justice
Mr. Peter Gill, Parent

Human Resources
Mrs. Zahra Sunderji, Parent

Analyst & Gaming
Mr. Adam Wang, Parent

Mr. Terry Donaldson, Meadowridge Employee

Project Management
Mrs. Ruby Virk, Parent

Military Physician
Dr. Ray Wiss, Parent

Accounting and Tax Specialist
Dr. Michael Jiang, Parent

Dr. Michelle Little, Parent

Computer Science & Software Engineering
Ms. Ivy Liu, Parent

Dentistry (Orthodontics)
Dr. Amani Morra, Parent

Computer Science & Data Architecture
Mrs. Annie Chan, Parent

Mrs. Carole Jaggers, Parent

Marketing & Communications (Design)
Ms. Christy Kazulin, Employee

Mathematics & Education
Dr. Nancy Khalil, Parent

Dr. Arvind Kang, Alumni Parent

Mrs. Danielle Christensen, Employee

Family Medicine
Dr. Pradeep Dhillon, Parent