Meadowridge News

The Meadowridge Community Participates in the Adopt-a-Stream Program

In the last few weeks, over 230 students, teachers, and community members have participated in the Meadowridge Adopt-a-Stream program. They have been removing the Himalayan blackberry bushes that have taken over parts of our North Forest along the banks of Latimer Creek. Himalayan blackberries are delicious but are highly invasive and spread aggressively. They crowd out native plants and their dense thicket impedes the movement of larger animals, which is bad news for our local ecosystem. Once cleared, areas were replanted with a variety of native species, such as salmonberry, ferns, elderberry, Oregon Grape, salal, Red-osier Dogwood, False Lily-of-the-Valley, and Pacific Willow. This restoration is essential to maintain a healthy stream habitat by ensuring better biodiversity and providing food and shelter for our native birds, mammals, amphibians, fish, and other wildlife. The North Forest and Latimer Creek have provided us with a unique and beautiful place to learn, play, and reflect. By participating in the Adopt-a-Stream program, we are able to reciprocate the many gifts the land has given us. 
Thank you to the following groups for volunteering their time:

  • Ms. Versteeg's Grade 2 PHE classes
  • Mr. Diniz's Grade 3 class
  • Ms. Chow's Grade 4 class
  • The Grade 5 classes
  • The Grade 6 Advisories
  • Ms. Hsu's Grade 8 Advisory
  • Ms. West's Grade 8 Advisory
  • Students of the Grade 7 & 8 Exploration groups
  • Mme. Gish's Grade 10 French class
  • Ms. Slade in Advancement
  • The Nicholson Family