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FLL Robotics Food Drive, Join The Competition!

Our First Lego League (FLL) Robotics teams are kicking off the season with an amazing start! Students participating in FLL are not only challenged to build robots and compete in competitions but are also encouraged to learn about sustainable energy and use their ingenuity to develop innovative technological solutions to problems through what is known as the Innovation Project.

Team KFC is organizing a food drive to give back to the community and outreach for their Innovation Project, which is creating sustainable energy through harnessing heat energy from the cafeteria using sterling engines. The food drive will take place Monday, December 12 to Friday, December 16. The food drive will be a contest between the 18 teams (FLL and FTC) of Meadowridge School.

The food drive is open to everyone of the Meadowridge community. Come out and support a team! There are prizes for the top FLL and top FTC teams.


  1. There are 18 boxes in the cafeteria corresponding to each robotics team.
  2. Bring in any of the foods listed below.
  3. A team will earn points based on the items in their box.
  4. A team can sabotage another team’s score by placing the negative point items in their box
  5. Teams cannot take items from their box or another team’s box. Once an item is in the box, it stays.
  6. Please only bring in the requested items.

Points and items:

  • Kids snacks, granola bars = +3 points
  • Small juice boxes, fruit cups = +5 points
  • Canned fruits and vegetables = +7 points
  • Boost and Ensure beverages = +10 points 
  • Canned meat and fish = -10 points
  • Meal in a tin (ravioli, chilli, stews, baked beans) = -7 points
  • Kraft dinner (mac and cheese) and Side Kicks = -5 points

All items will be given to the Maple Ridge Friends in Need Food Bank.