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Information from Fraser Health: Outside play, physical activity and injury prevention

Dear Meadowridge School,

Fraser Health has developed a toolkit with monthly health promotion messages for school communities to ensure families have access to up-to-date public health information, resources, and services. The topic for the month of April is Outside play, physical activity and injury prevention.

For more information about healthy living resources, programs and services for schools and families, please visit the Fraser Health website at

Get outside and play

Physical activity is a necessary requirement for optimal health – and the benefits are even greater if you can do it outdoors. Regular physical activity in childhood helps to develop cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and bone density, and being outdoors is known to improve mental health.

There are many benefits to unstructured, outside play. When children spend time outside, they:

  1. Sit less, move more and play longer – key to cardiovascular health and fitness.
  2. Have healthier eyes – 10+ hours a week outside reduces nearsightedness risks. 
  3. Sleep better – sunlight helps regulate melatonin and sleep patterns.
  4. Enjoy improved mood – exercise reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  5. Feel more connected to nature – experience calm and develop mindfulness.

Planning active outings doesn’t have to be challenging or costly. Here are some ideas that you can try this week:

Find more ideas to keep your kids active through the year on Fraser Health’s website: