Meadowridge News

Grade 4 to 9 Students Qualify for the Global Round Competition at the World Scholar’s Cup

Six teams of scholars competed in the Vancouver round of the World Scholar’s Cup - a two-day event combining debate, creative writing, and thematic knowledge. Each team consisted of three students from Grades 4 to 9.

All teams were coached by experienced scholars Wilson H. and Brian Z. (Grade 9). Wilson and Brian have distinguished results at all three World Scholar’s Cup rounds. At the global round this past summer in Xiamen, China, they placed 4th overall. An incredible result at a global competition with over 100 teams. They used their competitive knowledge and vision of sending a Meadowridge delegation to this year’s regional round to start an after-school club in term 2.

Wilson and Brian’s vision came to reality at the award ceremony this past Sunday as all six teams qualified and received an invitation to a Global Round competition.

Congratulations to Wesley H. (Grade 6), Aryamaan B. (Grade 6), Alvin C. (Grade 6), Cynthia G. (Grade 6), Yufei D. (Grade 6), Nora A. (Grade 6), Katherine W. (Grade 4), Eleanor Z. (Grade 4), Wilhelmina H. (Grade 4), Aarav B. (Grade 4), Luc L. (Grade 4), Anaik S. (Grade 4), Darren B. (Grade 6), Maria L. (Grade 5), Srinkha A. (Grade 8), Young J. (Grade 9), Christine W. (Grade 9) and Katherine L. (Grade 9) each of whom embodied courage and resilience.