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Learning to Live Well Overseas

When we travel, our eyes and our minds open a little wider and we become well positioned to transform our understanding of who we are and what our place in the world is. Guided by inspiring teachers, our Extended and International Trips provide opportunities to live, and more deeply embody our Mission. 

During Spring Break, two groups of student travellers embarked on overseas trips to Costa Rica and Spain. Fifty-two students and six teachers stepped out of their comfort zones and immersed themselves in different languages and cultures. In Costa Rica our long-standing partnership with Latin American Sea Turtles continued as students worked alongside researchers in sea turtle conservation. Our group raised over $1,000 which went directly to buying equipment. Students also enjoyed zip-lining and rafting. In Spain, students explored the rich language, history, food, and culture of this fascinating country. 

There are two trips being planned for next year: Shakespeare and Theatre Intensive in London, England for Grade 7 to 10 students and Science and Geography of Belize for Grade 10 to 12 students. A Belize parent information session will be coming soon. 

Join Ms. White and Ms. Jacus on Wednesday, April 10, at 4:00pm in Room 232 in the High School Complex, or by Zoom to learn about an upcoming optional Spring Break trip to London, England. The focus of the trip is theatre and Shakespeare in particular. Highlights include workshops at the Globe Theatre, West End London shows, backstage tours of the Royal Opera House, Warner Bros studio tour, Royal Shakespeare Company shows, tour and workshop, sightseeing in London, 2 nights in Stratford-Upon-Avon, etc. This trip has been custom designed for students interested in theatre.