Meadowridge News

Meadowridge becomes EcoSchools member

The ISABC group of schools is taking a prominent stance to take action against climate change. One of the tools that many schools are using, including Meadowridge, is a membership with the EcoSchools network of Canada.

The mission of EcoSchools is, “to nurture student leaders, reduce the environmental impact of schools, and build sustainable school communities,” which aligns exceptionally well with the Meadowridge mission. Staff and faculty will be able to access the in-depth knowledge and tools that EcoSchools provides to collectively build a regenerative approach to acting sustainably and responsibly within our community and the world beyond.

An online platform will allow the school to record its initiatives and actions throughout the year, with potential to earn bronze, silver, gold or platinum level standings. At the root of joining EcoSchools, Meadowridge students will be provided an engaging and meaningful way to, “Learn to live well, with others and for others, in a just community.”