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Middle School: Shoebox Project

A letter from the Shoebox Project CAS Club – I hope you are having a great week! Since Thanksgiving just passed, we hope you are happy and grateful! Speaking of being grateful, the Shoebox Project CAS club will be organizing shoeboxes filled with gifts for lucky boys and girls in Central America and Africa for Christmas. The gifts we collect will then be evenly distributed into shoeboxes and sent to children who don’t receive Christmas presents yearly.

From October 13 to 20, the shoebox project CAS club is hosting a friendly house competition! In the house boxes placed in the atrium, we challenge you to bring in a little gift to brighten up the Christmas of little boys and girls.

On Tuesday, October 20, we will be having a non-uniform day in support of The Shoebox Project. All middle school students are encouraged to bring in a gift or a small cash donation and come out of uniform (you still need to change for PHE).  What kind of gifts can you bring? Please click here to see a list suggested things that you may or may not gift. Lastly, please note if you are gifting you do not have to get anything too big as the shoebox is quite small!

If you have any questions, please do email me at or visit Señora Villadiego in her classroom.